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Water Tank & Filter

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Access to clean drinking water is something we can easily take for granted in the west. In the region that we work it is commonplace for families to obtain all their water, for drinking and domestic use, from a local watercourse. Without the ability to properly treat the water before drinking, even boiling does not eliminate the health risks from some contaminants. In some instances there may be a local borehole where water can be drawn and while this is usually preferable to a watercourse it isn’t immune to contamination. In both cases collecting water can involve very long journeys, carrying heavy jerry cans. It’s a task that can dictate the course of your entire day.

As part of our home builds we work with the charity Ugandan Water Project to install a rainwater collection facility and a home filter station. The 2,000 litre rainwater tank employs a first flush system that eliminates large contaminants entering the tank. The tank itself is connected to a separate stand tap which allows water to be drawn directly to a jerry can without need to interfere with the tank. The home filter station utilises a Sawyer PointONE filter that has a service life of ten years (approx. 1,000,000 gallons of water) and is extremely easily maintained.

The rainwater collection and drinking water installation is not a small investment, but having access to clean water at home is a complete game-changer. Most importantly it negates the risk of sickness from contaminated drinking water; but it can also save a family hours every day by eliminating tireless trips to collect water. If you would like to donate to this project for our next home build we would be very grateful for your contribution, which can be made below.


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Water Tank & Filter

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