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Farming Tools

Around 80% of the rural population in Uganda rely on subsistence farming to put food on the table. Many in the west are still surprised to hear this, as the misconception of African nations as barren countries persists. Uganda is in fact an extremely fertile country, with excellent soil and favourable weather. Our beneficiary families are most often supporting themselves primarily through farming and our home builds provide a half-acre land plot to increase the opportunity for greater yields. The hope in enabling families to grow more is that they can not only feed their families but will be able to store some crops in season to then sell on when demand is higher out of season, to contribute some additional income.

To help with this increase in farming activities we enable families to start off on the best foot with new tools and implements. Items such as good quality hoes, rakes, barrows, and pangas will last a very long time with correct care and make a huge difference in productivity.

The cost for a set of farming tools is relatively low, at around £30 GBP. As such we have not set a goal for this project and have fixed the donation at £30, enabling every donation to purchase a set of farming tools, not only for our beneficiary families but that will also be distributed to other local families as and when a donation is received.

If you would like to help a family by donating a set of farming tools we would be very grateful and would endeavour to provide you with a photograph of the tool set being handed over to the recipient family. If you would like to buy this as a substitute birthday gift for a friend or family member please let us know and we can provide a digital greeting card with the accompanying photograph. Thank you.

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Farming Tools

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