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Solar Power

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Being on the equator Uganda has consistent year-round sunrise and sunset times; where we work, on average, the sunsets at 6.45 pm and rises at 6.40 am. Being dark so early into the evening every day of the year has its challenges in the home and many rural homes in Uganda use kerosene lamps to light rooms in the evenings. There are many reasons why this is a poor option for lighting. Burning kerosene is a major health risk; it is reported that spending a few hours in close proximity to a burning kerosene lamp causes comparable lung damage to smoking forty cigarettes! The risk of fire from an unattended lamp or accidental spillage is significant and sadly not uncommon. The cost of kerosene is ever-increasing and over the course of a year can be a considerable portion (10 – 15%) of the household budget which could be better utilised elsewhere. Additionally, the light produced by kerosene lamps is dim and can cause eye problems through straining to focus during tasks like homework or study.

A small solar power installation to run five or six light fittings is a very affordable, much safer, and cleaner option than kerosene lamps. With very long periods of consistent sunlight Uganda’s climate lends itself perfectly to solar power as a renewable energy option. Our solar installation caters for lighting in the home and exterior lights at the front and rear entrance of the property for security purposes. Having reliable lighting not only negates the health and safety risks from kerosene lamps, but it also allows all the family to make more use of their evenings at home.

If you would like to help us with our next solar lighting installation you can make a donation below, for which we would be extremely grateful. Thank you.

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Solar Power

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